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How you can donate and help Charities through
Rapha MinistrIES


The Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational, and scientific purposes as specified in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, including for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code. The specific purposes of the Corporation are:


RAPHA MINISTRIES a is a faith-based entity founded and established to help people in human relationships, first priority and most vital/crucial relationship of Life, that being the one with Jesus Christ. By this “seek First” relationship will stem all others for health wholeness in spiritual emotional and physical success. RAPHA Ministries is purposed (its Mission) to provide its ministry services in five areas (Stars) of ministry that are:

☆ Devine Healing; Salvation, Healing, (5 part healing- spirit, heart, mind, soul,
and body) Deliverance…
☆ Restored Relationships; Pre-marital and Marriage counseling, love/marriage
relationship seminars, family counseling, …
☆ Biblical Truth; Teaching, Preaching, Mentoring, Bible Studies, Apologetics…..
☆ Sanctity of Life; For-Life! Message, Advocate for the voiceless (unborn), and
give them their unalienable right to Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
☆ Giving Charity; Charitable Fundraising events, partnering with “for Life”
organizations for their success in saving lives of the unborn!.. giving to other
organizations that provide for people in need of food, clothing, and shelter.

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